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Software Overview

The NTP200 and NTP250 have 5 interfaces for configuration and status:

  1. A view-only embedded web server
  2. A local USB console for configuration and offline status
  3. Remote SSH console for configuration and status
  4. A command button on the front for performing reboot, shutdown, or a factory reset
  5. Front-panel LEDs for quick status indication

The view-only embedded web server provides quick status information for the system, GPS, NTP, and Network as well as help information and 7-day graphs of NTP/GPS and system data.

NTP250 Web

JSON-Encoded status data is also available so you can integrate with other systems. Check out the Live Demo to see how you can integrate or log it.

The Admin Console can:

  • View system, NTP, and GPS info (same as on the web interface)
  • View network status even if the network is down
  • Reboot or safely shutdown the appliance
  • Configure static IP addressing or DHCP
  • Configure network services such as SSH logins and HTTP/HTTPS
  • Configure location privacy on or off for the HTTP interface
  • Configure IP/MASK based NTP access control
  • Configure the Timezone
  • Configure auto-upgrade options (dont-check, auto-check, or auto-install)
  • Reset settings
  • Perform a software upgrade

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