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The NTP200/250 series is ideal for hobbyist, time enthusiasts, and just anyone who wants accurate clock synchronization in their home or business to either supplement or replace Internet NTP synchronization.

The NTP200/250 provides a compact stand-alone GPS-based NTP Stratum 1 network time-source.

Stratum 1 NTP Yes Yes
Wired Ethernet 100mbps 100mbps
IPv4 Static or DHCP Static or DHCP
IPv6 Static or DHCPv6 & Autoconf Static or DHCPv6 & Autoconf
Embedded View-only Webserver Yes Yes
Admin Console via USB Yes Yes
Admin Console via SSH Yes Yes
Cloud-Free Technology Yes Yes
GPS Antenna Included Yes Yes
At-a-glance Status and PPS LEDs Yes Yes
5+ Hour Power Backup for GPS and RTC Yes Yes
Last-Day Graph Data of GPS and NTP Status Yes Yes
JSON Encoded Raw Data for Custom Integration Yes Yes
Online and Offline Software Upgrade Yes Yes
DC Power Input Yes Yes
802.3af/at PoE - Yes
Dual Redundant Power Inputs - Yes (DC + PoE)

Both the NTP200 and NTP250 provide custom designed easy to use software that simply does one thing well, provide accurate NTP time services. The NTP250 adds 802.3af/at PoE power support for those that have PoE equipment.

The NTP200 and NTP250 feature Cloud-Free Technology and can operate in an isolated (No Internet or Internet blocked) environments. There is no requirement for Internet access for full functionality.

Hardware Overview

The NTP200 and NTP250 feature a small form-factor measuring about 4.25" x 2.5" x 1". Power consumption is around 1 Watt.

All connections are on the back panel which include:

  • DC Power input
  • Ethernet
  • USB-A for offline software upgrade
  • USB-MicroB for Local Console configuration
  • GPS Antenna
NTP250 Back

The NTP200 and NTP250 are based on the uBlox MAX-M8Q GPS Module, and an embedded ARM SoC compute module. A lot of value is packed into its tiny case.

NTP250 Inside 1
NTP250 Inside 2

The NTP200 and NTP250 feature a GPS module and RTC with rechargeable power backup if the power inputs are lost during a power outage or are temporarily disconnected. The modules will remain powered for about 5-6 hours allowing for a quick re-acquisition of the GPS signal in just seconds instead of 30-60 minutes on a cold boot.

Software Overview

The NTP200 and NTP250 have 5 interfaces for configuration and status:

  1. A view-only Embedded Webserver
  2. A local USB console for configuration and offline status
  3. Remote SSH console for configuration and status
  4. A command button on the front for performing reboot, shutdown, or a factory reset
  5. Front-panel LEDs for quick status indication

The view-only embedded webserver provides quick status information for the system, GPS, NTP, and Network as well as help information and 24-hour graphs of the NTP request rate, Time Jitter, and GPS Satellite counts.

JSON-Encoded status data is also available so you can integrate with other systems. Check out the Live Demo NTP200 to see how you can integrate or log it.

NTP250 Web
NTP250 Clients
NTP250 Graphs

The admin console can:

  • View system, NTP, and GPS info (same as on the web interface)
  • View network status even if the network is down
  • Reboot or safely shutdown the appliance
  • Configure static IP addressing or DHCP
  • Configure network services such as SSH logins and HTTP
  • Configure location privacy on or off for the HTTP interface
  • Configure IP/MASK based NTP access control
  • Reset settings
  • Perform a software upgrade
NTP250 Console

The recessed front panel button can be used to perform functions without having to connect to the console such as reboot or factory reset.

The front panel LEDs include Power, System, NTP, and PPS indications.

NTP250 Front

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