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How to Upgrade

The NTP200/NTP250 will not automatically upgrade, we respect your privacy and control. The appliance will not contact the Internet unless you instruct it to.

A software upgrade can be performed using the admin console of the NTP200/NTP250.
Connect via SSH (if enabled), or use the micro-USB port on the appliance and launch your favorite terminal program. Once connected, press 'U' to perform an upgrade.

If the appliance has an Internet connection, the latest software can be obtained automatically.
If not, you can download the upgrade file and place it on a USB flash drive connected to the USB A port on the back of the appliance while invoking the upgrade on the admin console.

Note that if the appliance has just cold booted and does not yet have GPS lock the time may be incorrect and HTTPS certificate checking will fail due to timestamp mismatch.
Just wait until GPS lock is obtained and the clock stepped. Press 'n' to check the current clock.

If for some reason you need to downgrade or the appliance won't boot, please contact us for assistance.

Want to see the lastest software in action before ugrading? Check out the web interface on the Live Demo.

Software Release Notes

2021-11-19 - v1.28

  • Convert old partition layout for appliances shipped with v1.6 or earlier
  • Disable additional internal logs to reduce RAM usage creep
  • Make most admin CLI commands human readable instead of single characters
  • GH#7 - Add SSH public key auth support
  • GH#20 - Add HTTPS support

2021-11-05 - v1.26

  • Limit log size to cap RAM usage
  • Add timezone to JSON data
  • GH#8 - Add GPS Satellite List
  • GH#25 - Fix line return when canceling timezone change

2021-10-25 - v1.25

  • Add 'sleep' alert to client entries for idle/abandonded clients
  • Fix 'RX Every' calculation for low rx count entries
  • Make 'Rx Every' column on HTTP pretty for long durations
  • Increase used memory resolution
  • GH#17 - Make modifying default ACLs clearer
  • GH#18 - Cap maximum range on jitter graph
  • GH#19 - Configurable Timezone

2021-10-15 - v1.24

  • Upgrade lighttpd from 1.4.53 to 1.4.59
  • Improve performance of client retrieval
  • Switch HTTP responses to streaming mode (to prevent buffering of client list retrieval)
  • Fix v1.21 regression in Console 'c' command
  • GH#11 - Enable LLDP advertisement and neighbor display

2021-10-12 - v1.21

  • Fix unneeded ACL restart when exiting ACL menu with no changes
  • GH#14 - Increase graph duration to 7 days and increase graph width from 768 to 1024 pixels
  • GH#2 - Re-implement client tracking:
    • Track both RX and TX packets
    • Increase client tracking limit from 50,000 to 1,000,000 unique clients
    • Increase client web display limit from 1,000 to 5,000 unique clients
    • Add client CSV export (in addition to JSON)
    • Full client list now exportable via JSON or CSV (no limit)
    • Separate system and client JSON
    • GH#5 - Add flagging of abusive or blocked clients to client list display
    • Add client list export rate limiting (max 4 client list exports at a time)
    • List current ageout duration on client page
    • Add both ascending and descending sort options
    • Cut client tracking memory footprint >95%
    • Cut sorting computation time >95% (now sorts 1 million clients in about 9 seconds)
  • Add 30 second timeout to upgrade attempts to not hang on bad Internet connections
  • Add 'nowrap' CSS to tables to display better on narrow screens
  • Add 'noindex' robot HTML metadata to all but main pages
  • GH#9 - Suppress graph generation errors
  • WARNING: minor changes to JSON schema in this release

2021-08-25 - v1.19

  • Features to help in manufacturing test

2021-08-23 - v1.17

  • Display and graph pll frequency
  • Change memory graph from percent to MiB
  • Improve handing after GPS loss
  • Reduce root dispersion to make clients more likely to select
  • Increase ntpd MRU memory limit

2021-08-10 - v1.16

  • Add NTP access control allowing multiple IP/MASK each with:
    • Ability to query (ntpq/ntpdc)
    • Disable rate limiting and KoD
    • Block NTP entirely

2021-08-08 - v1.15

  • Fix factory reset to reset location data privacy configurable
  • Limit client tracking at 50000, discard excess to bound memory usage
  • Fix memory leak in client tracking
  • Split graphs HTTP page into two: one for NTP/GPS and one for System
  • Add CPU usage tracking
  • Add memory and CPU usage graphs

2021-08-02 - v1.14

  • Add configurable to hide location data on HTTP interface
  • Remove 1 second delay on admin console login
  • Reduce CPU over-temperature warning from 150F to 125F
  • Suppress some warnings when upgrading firmware via USB drive
  • Add sorting to HTTP client list page
  • Add Rx-Every Column to HTTP client list page
  • Improve performance when large number of clients
  • Don't show more than 500 clients on admin console
  • Don't show one-off clients on HTTP interface when more than 1000 clients (JSON still has full list)
  • Limit client list on HTTP interface to first 1000 (sorted) clients (JSON still has full list)
  • Disable client listing entirely when more than 50000 clients

2021-06-16 - v1.13

  • Add ability to change SSH password without disabling/enabling SSH

2021-06-03 - v1.12

  • Add remote SSH administration
  • Add console services config menu for HTTP/SSH
  • Add console services status command
  • Add NTP clients list
  • Fix bug where all graphs not generated on errors

2021-05-25 - v1.11

  • Fix bug where GPS data would stop updating on console/web/graphs
  • Add CPU temperature monitoring
  • Add CPU memory monitoring

2021-05-23 - v1.9

  • Fix regression in v1.8 to help page LED descriptions

2021-05-20 - v1.8

  • Reset GPS module on each reboot
  • Fix error message display on missing information
  • Add 24hr GPS lat/lon graph
  • Increase GPS lat/lon/alt resolution
  • Add JSON raw data web page

2021-05-14 - v1.7

  • Fix spelling error
  • Improve upgrade retrieval

2021-05-10 - v1.6

  • Require <ENTER> after each command on console to prevent accidental execution
  • Add IP Gateway and DNS servers to status on console/web
  • Add network configuration on console for Static IPs or DHCP
  • Fix display of 3+ IPs on web interface
  • Update help page with above

2021-04-30 - v1.5

  • Add 'sysstats' to NTP details (this shows KoD, rate limit, and other drops)

2021-04-20 - v1.4

  • Fix default hostname
  • Update DHCP client config to send less items in request

2021-04-04 - v1.3

  • Improve factory reset command to reset DHCPv6 to new random ID
  • Improve factory reset command to clear wtmp/btmp
  • Update help page - add section on GPS antenna optimization

2021-04-02 - v1.2

  • Add support for NTP200/250 (Production appliance)
  • Reduce min DC power alarm from 8V to 7V
  • Update help page - various

2021-03-08 - v1.1

  • Initial Release for NTP100/150 (Pre-production appliance)

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