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Obtaining Help

If for some reason you need to downgrade or the appliance won't boot, please contact us for assistance.

Want to see the latest software in action before upgrading? Check out the web interface on the Live Demos.

Software v2 Release Notes

How to Upgrade

By default, the device will auto-install software updates. This is configurable to: not check at all, check but not install, or both check and install.

If auto-install is not enabled, a manual software upgrade can be performed using the admin console of the device.
Connect via SSH (if enabled), or use the micro-USB port on the appliance and launch your favorite terminal program. Once connected, run 'upgrade' to perform an upgrade.

If the appliance does not have an Internet connection, the latest software can be downloaded and placed on a USB flash drive connected to the USB A port on the back of the appliance. Once connected, invoke the 'upgrade' command on the admin console. Starting with version 2.12, you can also specify a URL to the 'upgrade' command and upgrade from as an internally hosted webserver.

2024-07-06 - v2.18.0

  • Upgrade openssh to 9.8p1 (CVE-2024-6387)
  • Upgrade from buildroot 2023.02.8 to 2023.02.11
  • Clamp reporting of small DC input values to 0
  • NTP220/NTP270 MCU version 8 firmware
    • Support for V05 boards
    • Fix memory leak on overload condition
    • Fix UART hang on power cycle
  • GH#113 - Fix disabling of GNSS systems
  • Wait for background operations on reboot/shut
  • Support for V05 NTP220/NTP270

2024-06-17 - v2.17.1

  • Fix ability to upgrade from builds older than 2.11.0
  • Backout driver change in 2.17.0 - fix potential crash

2024-06-15 - v2.17.0

  • Manufacturing updates
  • Improve NTP stability for all devices

2024-06-10 - v2.16.3

  • Manufacturing updates
  • Fix NTP instability in NTP200/250 HW Rev 17

2024-05-27 - v2.16.2

  • Minor updates to kernel config
  • Add seperate IPv4 and IPv6 client counts in system JSON
  • Make /data filesystem not an automounter
  • Enable mode7 query support for clients with query ACL

2024-04-08 - v2.16.1

  • Fix initial ageout on startup with many saved clients
  • Support for production NTP220/NTP270's
  • further update Client DNS tracking algorithm

2024-03-12 - v2.16.0

  • Manufacturing updates
  • Update Client DNS tracking algorithm
  • Update upgrade URL paths
  • GH#111 - Add ntppool validate command
  • GH#109 - Allow custom ACME URL for https registration
  • GH#36 - Save client list on reboot/upgrade

2024-02-09 - v2.15.2

  • Fix snmp sysDescr and sysName regression in v2.11.1

2024-01-26 - v2.15.1

  • Fix error parsing of static/route ip commands
  • Manufacturing setup updates
  • Add support for new flash part
  • Changing GNSS systems shouldn't require a reboot

2024-01-09 - v2.14.0

  • Support per-board default ssh password set at manufacturing
  • Updates to client ageout algorithms

2024-01-02 - v2.13.2

  • Upgrade from buildroot 2023.02.5 to 2023.02.8
  • Persistent MAC address support for newer boards
  • Initial support for prototype NTP220/NTP270's

2023-12-22 - v2.12.4

  • GH#70 - Ability to specify URL when upgrading
  • New web layout
  • GH#43 - configurable GNSS systems

2023-11-06 - v2.11.2

  • Fix detection of common flash
  • Add stats to metrics & display runtime on web
  • Query for HASDC on setup

2023-10-27 - v2.11.1

  • Infrastructure changes
    • DTS improvments
    • Path and program names
    • Support for multiple platforms
  • Support for v17 boards with Quectel GPS Module
  • Run ntpd at higher priority
  • Fix too-wide output on console show ntp clients
  • Upgrade from buildroot 2023.02 to 2023.02.5
  • Add EEPROM-backed stats for newer boards
  • Add support for new flash part

2023-08-03 - v2.10.2

  • Fix title on GPS SNR Graph
  • Fix error message on boot with no backup servers/pools
  • lldp: Add description display
  • GH#103 - lldp: fix charset and use configured hostname
  • snmp: update sysName to use hostname, and update sysDescr

2023-05-31 - v2.9.2

  • GH#102 - Fix metrics error for NTP250 when PoE is unpowered

2023-05-21 - v2.9.0

  • On cold boot, attempt to step the time on startup using backup pools/servers

2023-05-09 - v2.8.2

  • Disable DNSSEC
  • Upgrade from buildroot 2022.02.11 to 2023.02
  • Add support for new flash part
  • GH#99 - Add uptime_sec to system JSON
  • Fix 500 error on unknwon cgi op
  • GH#91 - move web links to top of page on all but main page
  • Simplify URLs
  • GH#101 - prometheus metrics exporter

2023-04-18 - v2.7.0

  • DNS-01 HTTPS certs:
    • Additional output to debug TSIG
    • GH#94 - Add alt-hostname support
    • Add verification DNS server
  • Upgrade from buildroot 2022.02.8 to 2022.02.11
  • Improve integrity check
  • GH#59 - Add initial snmpd support:
    • V1/V2 only (no V3 support yet)
    • NOTE: no support for ntpSnmpMIB (RFC5907)

2023-03-04 - v2.6.0

  • Cleanup additional temporary files
  • GH#92 - Fix OOM issues on NTP200 with full client lists
  • Reduce max tracked clients on NTP200 to 500K

2023-02-07 - v2.5.2

  • Add v16 hardware detection

2023-01-22 - v2.5.1

  • Fix syntax error on background https renewal

2023-01-08 - v2.5.0

  • Improve http performance and scaling
  • Verify integrity of upgrade prior to reboot
  • GH#86 - fix hostname charset restiction and length
  • Cleanup https data if failed mid-enable
  • Timeout nsupdate checks during https
  • Upgrade from buildroot 2022.02.1 to 2022.02.8
  • GH#89 - fix nsupdate failure detection
  • Add 2nd backup and update it on upgrade prior to reboot

2022-12-30 - v2.4.0

  • GH#83 - Update Openstreet Maps URL
  • Fix GPS Module Firmware Info
  • GH#81 - redirect ntppool urls
  • GH#77 - support TSIG for DNS-01 auth
  • Fix 'https cert renew' command
  • Improve error checking of IP addresses in commands
  • Re-add support for IPv6 static non-link-local gateway addresses
  • Add support for new flash part
  • GH#56 - add MAX-M10S support on v15+ hardware
  • GH#84 - add PPS output support on v15+ hardware

2022-12-26 - v2.3.1

  • Add 'stream nmea' command
  • GH#61 - Add time retrieval URL
  • GH#68 - Add configurable hostname
  • Average SNR over top 6 not top 3
  • Fix permissions errors after some v1 -> v2 upgrades
  • GH#79 - Add -w to ntp details
  • GH#80 - Add ping/traceroute

2022-12-11 - v2.2.0

  • Make flash integrity check more verbose
  • Consolidate gps data and monitor/graph SNR
  • Re-enable GALILEO for v2
  • Advertise PoE info via LLDP-MED

2022-12-02 - v2.1.0

  • GH#75 - IPv6 tokenized interface identifier support

2022-11-27 - v2.0.11

  • v6 stable priv addr isn't working, revert to EUI-64 for now

2022-11-23 - v2.0.10

  • Dont show help on every console prompt
  • GH#72 - Fix false warning when only v4 IP present.
  • Fix multiple DNS entries when static addressing
  • Import network settings when upgrading from v1.58

2022-11-21 - v2.0.8

  • add reimage support for v2

2022-11-17 - v2.0.7

  • First general v2 release:
    • Transition from Debian based system to buildroot.
    • Upgrades now replace the entire firmware each time instead of patching.
    • Boot time is significantly faster (now 10-15 seconds)
    • Graphs are now in SVG format intead of GIF (yay, zooming!)
    • Minor JSON changes (mostly in network sections)
    • admin password stength is now tested
    • GH#42 - Read-only rootfs
  • When upgrading from v1.57, all config preserved except:
    • HTTPS is disabled, certs not preserved
    • Network settings are defaulted (no static IPs and no static routes)
    • DHCP Client IDs are regenerated

Software v1 Release Notes

How to Upgrade

By default, the device will auto-check for software updates but not install them. This is configurable to: not check at all, check but not install, or both check and install.

If auto-install is not enabled, a manual software upgrade can be performed using the admin console of the device.
Connect via SSH (if enabled), or use the micro-USB port on the appliance and launch your favorite terminal program. Once connected, run 'upgrade' to perform an upgrade.

If the appliance does not have an Internet connection, you should place both the v1 and v2 software on a USB flash drive connected to the USB A port on the back of the appliance. Once connected, invoke the 'upgrade' command on the admin console.

NOTE: when upgradeing from v1 to v2, the following settings are not preserved:

  • HTTPS is disabled, certs not preserved
  • DHCP Client IDs are regenerated

2022-12-11 - v1.59

  • autoupgrade to v2 when autoupgrade is set to install

2022-11-22 - v1.58

  • Add network settings to v2.x conversion
  • Show v2.x version as latest software

2022-11-18 - v1.57

  • Preserve some config on v2.x upgrade
  • Add upgrade2 command to upgrade to v2 (device will not auto-upgrade from v1 to v2)

2022-11-06 - v1.55

  • Don't connection track NTP packets in kernel
  • Add support for alternative flash part
  • Improve robustness if gpsd restarts
  • Prepare for conversion to v2.x software

2022-07-26 - v1.54

  • fix regression in v1.52 that showed incorrect hardware revision on some boards

2022-07-25 - v1.53

  • fix false integrity check errors when certain network configs set
  • stop http during upgrade

2022-07-24 - v1.52

  • Add 'reboot hard' that resets gps module too
  • Fix error message on 'no auto upgrade' command
  • Add lldp details webpage
  • Update lldp description to include SKU/SN/FWREV/SWREV
  • Add flash type, size, and integrity check results on webpage/console

2022-07-17 - v1.51

  • Add support for alternative flash part on newer boards
  • GH#55 - fix dash char in server/pool command
  • dont reset gps on reboot - wipes ram

2022-06-23 - v1.49

  • Fix cosmetic error message

2022-06-22 - v1.48

  • Fix integrity check when files with spaces in them are flagged
  • Increase size of /ram filesystem
  • Check for background upgrade when performing reboot/shutdown
  • Add support for alternative flash part on newer boards

2022-06-15 - v1.46

  • Increase in-RAM log size
  • Sort system JSON output
  • Add raw gps lat/lon/alt in system JSON

2022-05-30 - v1.45

  • When performing a reset to defaults, don't delete integrity check backup files

2022-05-25 - v1.44

  • remove unneeded packages (saving over 35% of disk space)
  • implement full daily filesystem integrity checks
  • change default pool to per vendor policy
  • when reimaging is detected we should reset to defaults
  • GH#53 - add static IP route support
  • elimiate need for reboot when changing IP auto/static addressing

2022-05-18 - v1.43

  • Fix System LED behavior when only an IPv6 Link-local address is present but no other IPv6 or IPv4 addresses
  • Add firewall rules to rate limit rejects during port scan attacks
  • GH#52 - Add unit localization configurables (feet/meters, and fahrenheit/celsius)

2022-05-01 - v1.42

  • CVE-2002-20001 - disable DHE Kex on ssh
  • List "[reboots]" next to all commands that require reboots
  • Add DNS lookups for Clients
    • Perform DNS lookups for clients in the background
    • Rate limited to maximum of 1 lookup per second
    • DNS lookups are suspended once system reaches 50000+ clients
    • DNS lookups can be disabled/enabled in config, enabled by default
    • DNS results are refreshed once per day
  • Add numeric age to CSV and client JSON in addition to descriptive age
  • WARNING: minor changes to CSV and client JSON schema in this release

2022-04-19 - v1.41

  • Detect reimage and fix partition tables if needed
  • Add support for alternative flash part on newer boards

2022-04-14 - v1.39

  • Fix issue with 'show ntp bcast' and 'conf ntp bcast' commands

2022-04-12 - v1.38

  • Fix permission issue where default backup pool couldn't be deleted
  • Workaround NTPd bug #3759 - backup servers/pools stuck at min polling interval
  • Blink NTP LED when using backup servers/pool instead of off

2022-04-08 - v1.37

  • Add support for configuring backup NTP servers and pools
    • Add one or more backup NTP servers/pools
    • By default '' pool is present, this can be removed by config if desired
    • Servers are for other NTP servers you may be runing on your local network
    • Pools are for dynamic pools of servers such as those found on
    • Under normal operation the GPS signal will be used as a Stratum 1 source
  • Hide TX broadcast/mulitcast entries from client list

2022-03-25 - v1.35

  • Fix units on NTP jitter graph
  • Add support for rev 12 hardware

2022-02-04 - v1.34

  • HTTPS bug fixes:
    • GH#40 - HTTPS with DNS-01 method did not preserve DDNS info for renewal
    • GH#41 - HTTPS letsencrypt renewal didn't restart https server to make use of newly renewed cert
    • Note any existing install with older firmware will need to disable/re-enable https to fix these issues
  • Disable unused sdio hardware interface
  • Add support for rev 11 hardware

2022-01-25 - v1.33

  • GH#37 - Add option to auto-check or auto-install firmware updates
    • Configurable to one of: dont-check, auto-check, or auto-install
    • Checks shortly after boot then once per day
    • NOTE: defaults to auto-check
  • On manual upgrade, check version before downloading entire firmware archive
  • Properly lock graph creation so that parallel loads of page dont clobber eachother
  • Add display of Hardware Revision

2021-12-29 - v1.32

  • Eliminate double-blink LED mode, replace with more pleasant single blink
  • Enable Galileo (in addition to GPS and GLONASS)
  • Display GPS Module firmware information
  • Add ability for new software to perform pre-upgrade checks on existing system (no checks yet)

2021-12-13 - v1.31

  • Add support for alternative flash part on newer boards
  • Add NTP flag monitoring in client list

2021-12-05 - v1.29

  • Fix error message when deleting last ACL
  • Add system log output when failing to start/restart services
  • Fix spelling errors
  • Add overall tx packet rate tracking
  • GH#34 - Add NTP Broadcast/Multicast support

2021-11-19 - v1.28

  • Convert old partition layout for appliances shipped with v1.6 or earlier
  • Disable additional internal logs to reduce RAM usage creep
  • Make most admin CLI commands human readable instead of single characters
  • GH#7 - Add SSH public key auth support
  • GH#20 - Add HTTPS support

2021-11-05 - v1.26

  • Limit log size to cap RAM usage
  • Add timezone to JSON data
  • GH#8 - Add GPS Satellite List
  • GH#25 - Fix line return when canceling timezone change

2021-10-25 - v1.25

  • Add 'sleep' alert to client entries for idle/abandoned clients
  • Fix 'RX Every' calculation for low rx count entries
  • Make 'Rx Every' column on HTTP pretty for a long duration
  • Increase used memory resolution
  • GH#17 - Make modifying default ACLs clearer
  • GH#18 - Cap maximum range on jitter graph
  • GH#19 - Configurable Timezone

2021-10-15 - v1.24

  • Upgrade lighttpd from 1.4.53 to 1.4.59
  • Improve performance of client retrieval
  • Switch HTTP responses to streaming mode (to prevent buffering of client list retrieval)
  • Fix v1.21 regression in Console 'c' command
  • GH#11 - Enable LLDP advertisement and neighbor display

2021-10-12 - v1.21

  • Fix unneeded ACL restart when exiting ACL menu with no changes
  • GH#14 - Increase graph duration to 7 days and increase graph width from 768 to 1024 pixels
  • GH#2 - Re-implement client tracking:
    • Track both RX and TX packets
    • Increase client tracking limit from 50,000 to 1,000,000 unique clients
    • Increase client web display limit from 1,000 to 5,000 unique clients
    • Add client CSV export (in addition to JSON)
    • Full client list now exportable via JSON or CSV (no limit)
    • Separate system and client JSON
    • GH#5 - Add flagging of abusive or blocked clients to client list display
    • Add client list export rate limiting (max 4 client list exports at a time)
    • List current age out duration on client page
    • Add both ascending and descending sort options
    • Cut client tracking memory footprint >95%
    • Cut sorting computation time >95% (now sorts 1 million clients in about 9 seconds)
  • Add 30 second timeout to upgrade attempts to not hang on bad Internet connections
  • Add 'nowrap' CSS to tables to display better on narrow screens
  • Add 'noindex' robot HTML metadata to all but main pages
  • GH#9 - Suppress graph generation errors
  • WARNING: minor changes to JSON schema in this release

2021-08-25 - v1.19

  • Features to help in manufacturing test

2021-08-23 - v1.17

  • Display and graph pll frequency
  • Change memory graph from percent to MiB
  • Improve handing after GPS loss
  • Reduce root dispersion to make clients more likely to select
  • Increase ntpd MRU memory limit

2021-08-10 - v1.16

  • Add NTP access control allowing multiple IP/MASK each with:
    • Ability to query (ntpq/ntpdc)
    • Disable rate limiting and KoD
    • Block NTP entirely

2021-08-08 - v1.15

  • Fix factory reset to reset location data privacy configurable
  • Limit client tracking at 50000, discard excess to bound memory usage
  • Fix memory leak in client tracking
  • Split graphs HTTP page into two: one for NTP/GPS and one for System
  • Add CPU usage tracking
  • Add memory and CPU usage graphs

2021-08-02 - v1.14

  • Add configurable to hide location data on HTTP interface
  • Remove 1 second delay on admin console login
  • Reduce CPU over-temperature warning from 150F to 125F
  • Suppress some warnings when upgrading firmware via USB drive
  • Add sorting to HTTP client list page
  • Add Rx-Every Column to HTTP client list page
  • Improve performance when large number of clients
  • Don't show more than 500 clients on admin console
  • Don't show one-off clients on HTTP interface when more than 1000 clients (JSON still has full list)
  • Limit client list on HTTP interface to first 1000 (sorted) clients (JSON still has full list)
  • Disable client listing entirely when more than 50000 clients

2021-06-16 - v1.13

  • Add ability to change SSH password without disabling/enabling SSH

2021-06-03 - v1.12

  • Add remote SSH administration
  • Add console services config menu for HTTP/SSH
  • Add console services status command
  • Add NTP clients list
  • Fix bug where all graphs not generated on errors

2021-05-25 - v1.11

  • Fix bug where GPS data would stop updating on console/web/graphs
  • Add CPU temperature monitoring
  • Add CPU memory monitoring

2021-05-23 - v1.9

  • Fix regression in v1.8 to help page LED descriptions

2021-05-20 - v1.8

  • Reset GPS module on each reboot
  • Fix error message display on missing information
  • Add 24hr GPS lat/lon graph
  • Increase GPS lat/lon/alt resolution
  • Add JSON raw data web page

2021-05-14 - v1.7

  • Fix spelling error
  • Improve upgrade retrieval

2021-05-10 - v1.6

  • Require <ENTER> after each command on console to prevent accidental execution
  • Add IP Gateway and DNS servers to status on console/web
  • Add network configuration on console for Static IPs or DHCP
  • Fix display of 3+ IPs on web interface
  • Update help page with above

2021-04-30 - v1.5

  • Add 'sysstats' to NTP details (this shows KoD, rate limit, and other drops)

2021-04-20 - v1.4

  • Fix default hostname
  • Update DHCP client config to send less items in request

2021-04-04 - v1.3

  • Improve factory reset command to reset DHCPv6 to new random ID
  • Improve factory reset command to clear wtmp/btmp
  • Update help page - add section on GPS antenna optimization

2021-04-02 - v1.2

  • Add support for NTP200/250 (Production appliance)
  • Reduce min DC power alarm from 8V to 7V
  • Update help page - various

2021-03-08 - v1.1

  • Initial Release for NTP100/150 (Pre-production appliance)

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