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Demo Systems

We run several Internet-connected demo systems with a variety of configurations.

Normally these systems run production software, but we sometimes use them for pre-release testing.

Model HW Rev GNSS Module Power Public NTP Public HTTP/S Public SSH PPS Output PPS Input Hostname Comments
NTP200 V05 uBlox MAX-M8Q DC Yes This system is part of the ntp pool project and handles over 2 million unique clients each day at a rate of around 6000 packets/minute.
NTP250 V09 uBlox MAX-M8Q PoE & DC   Yes Come take a look at the web interface. This system does not have public NTP access, but serves our internal networks.
NTP200 V16 uBlox MAX-M10S DC Yes Yes   Connected to ntp-demo4's PPS Input Both public NTP and web interface. No ntp pool registration, just random Internet noise. This is our longevity system, it doesn't upgrade often.
NTP220 V1 Quectel L76-L DC Yes Yes     Connected to ntp-demo3's PPS Output NEW! Our new platform! Get a sneak peak into our next-gen hardware platform. This system is part of the ntp pool project.

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