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NTP220 and NTP270 Hardware Overview

The NTP220 and NTP270 feature a small form-factor measuring about 4.25" x 2.5" x 1".

NTP270 Front

The front panel contains:

  • PPS and NTP LEDs
  • The command button (recessed)
  • Micro-SD slot
  • Power and System LEDs

NTP270 Back

The back panel contains all connections:

  • DC Power input - 5.5mm/2.1mm or 5.5mm/2.5mm barrel connector
  • PPS In/Out and Alarm - 4-pin terminal block
  • Ethernet - 10/100mbps
  • USB-MicroB - Local console configuration
  • GPS Antenna - SMA connector

Hardware Architecture

Block Diagram

The NTP220 and NTP270 are based on a fully-integrated PCB design as shown below. A lot of value is packed into its tiny case.

NTP270 Inside 1 NTP270 Inside 2

CPU, RAM, and Storage

The NTP220 and NTP270 use a multi-core ARM SoC from AllWinner.

128MB of RAM is integrated with the SoC.

A 512MB SLC NAND Flash is on PCB and stores the OS image and all configruation.

The Micro-SD is available for reimaging if needed.

GPS Module & Antennas

The NTP220 and NTP270 use a Quectel L76-L GPS Module

An active 3.3V powered antenna is supported.

USB Admin Console

The Micro-B USB connector is controlled by a WCH CH340 UART to USB adapter. This port is configured for 115200 N81 serial communication.

Power Supplies and Backup

The NTP220 takes a single external DC power supply input where as the NTP270 can be powered by dual inputs (DC input and PoE). The NTP270 has hardware fail-over between the 2 inputs. Power consumption is around 1 Watt.

The GPS module and RTC are powered by a rechargeable supercapacitor. If the power inputs are lost during a power outage or are temporarily disconnected. The GPS module and RTC will remain powered for about 3+ hours allowing for a quick re-acquisition of the GPS signal in just seconds instead of 30-90 minutes on a cold boot. The supercap will charge from 0% to 90% in about 20 minutes.

  NTP220 NTP270
DC Power Input (2.1/5.5mm barrel connector) 9-24V DC Nominal
8-25V DC Min/Max
9V-1A or 12V-1A recommended
802.3af/at PoE - Yes
Dual Redundant Power Inputs - Yes (DC + PoE)
Priority when both DC+PoE Powered - When DC <12V: PoE
When DC >12V: DC

Hardware Revisions

Hardware Rev 2 & 3

  • First production boards

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