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The website does not use cookies, 3rd-party or cross-site content, tracking images, 3rd-party login/authentication, or analytics software.

Basic logs are recorded for troubleshooting which include your connecting IP address, referrer, user agent and what items were accessed. These logs are discarded after 4 months, however they may still persist in backup files for longer.

Contacting Us

If you choose to contact us using the contact form or via E-Mail your contact information and submitted content will be saved. Emails are also backed up.

We make use of GitHub for bug tracking and discussions. If you use that platform, you are subject to their terms.

Purchasing from Us

Purchasing a product from us makes use of 3rd-party payment processors and/or 3rd-party marketplaces. Your interactions with those processors and marketplaces are subject to their terms.

To fulfill your orders we receive your contact information including some or all of: Your name, your email address, and your shipping address. If the processor or marketplace provides us with additional information such as your phone number we discard it.

We save your information so we can contact you in the future if it becomes necessary to do so such as for a recall, advisory, or other notice.

From time to time, we may send out informational newsletters or notices by E-Mail. You may opt-out of these informational mailings by following the instructions within.

Information Sharing

We do not share, sell, rent, or give away your information.

Our Products

Our products include carefully selected software that is contained and can operate locally without any cloud or Internet interactions or dependencies.

By default the NTP200/250 appliances will not attempt to contact the Internet except for:

  • DNS queries will be directed towards the DNS servers you configure or you provide via DHCP. The device does not use cloud DNS services unless you configure or instruct the appliance to do so.
  • The software upgrade feature will contact to download updated firmware either when invoked by you manually or through the auto-install feature if enabled. Auto-install can be disabled by configuration if you wish. This request includes your device's model, serial number, and current firmware version so that a compatible firmware can be provided.
  • The device will query a set of Internet NTP servers resovled via pointing to to act as a backup in case the GPS signal is lost. This can be disabled by configuration if you wish.

Optional non-default features under your control may make additional Internet queries specified below:

  • If HTTPS is enabled using one of the Lets Encrypt methods, queries will be sent initially and periodically to obtain HTTPS certificates and/or DDNS updates.
  • You can configure additional backup NTP servers or pools and the device will query them periodically.

Privacy Policy Revision: 2022-11-21

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