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The NTP200 and NTP250 are mostly the same, runing the same software and only slight differences in hardware as shown below.

Stratum 1 NTP Yes
CPU & RAM Multi-core ARM CPU with 256MB RAM Multi-core ARM CPU with 512MB RAM
Storage 8GB industrial grade microSD card
Wired Ethernet 10/100mbps
IPv4 Static or DHCP
IPv6 Static or Autoconf or DHCPv6
Embedded View-only Webserver HTTP & HTTPS
Admin Console via USB or SSH Yes
NTP Client Tracking Up to 1 Million unique IPs, with JSON & CSV export
NTP ACLs (rate limit, sync, query, block) Yes
Cloud-Free Technology
(No stupid App, No online accounts, No Internet needed)
GPS Antenna Included Yes, with magnetic attachment, 6ft cord, and SMA connector
At-a-glance Status and PPS LEDs Yes
5+ Hour Power Backup for GPS and RTC Yes
Last-Week Graph Data of GPS/NTP and System Status Yes
Location Privacy Location can be hidden/shown on Web interface
JSON Encoded Raw Data for Custom Integration Yes
LLDP Advertisement and Neighbor display
Software Upgrade Online & Offline
DC Power Input 7V-14V 7V-11V
802.3af PoE No Yes
Dual Redundant Power Inputs No Yes (DC + PoE)

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